kit for woman


For her who deserves the best, send her this complete set with everything you need for your personal use, we are sure you will love it and it will be very useful at all times, especially for that girl who strives to look and feel good.

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  1. Makeup removing wipes
  2. Rich hydrating facial moisturizer
  3. Acne foaming scrub
  4. Daily moesturizing lotion
  5. Cream cleanser with soy extract
  6. Rejuvenated skin 60 second in shower facial
  7. Skin brightening daily scrub
  8. Lotion sunscreen daily
  9. Nourish and moisturize shampoo
  10. Conditiones for all hair types
  11. Stress relief body wash relaxing
  12. Soft and delicate body sponge
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