You need to ship outside Orlando and Kissimmee

We have found a solution to the many requests for shipments outside our area, we understand that it is a little difficult to find stores in the United States of feelings like this, with such personalized and original gifts, so we were in the task of helping them with these deliveries.


We have available details that can travel in a closed box, all this always subject to the occasion you celebrate. We have stuffed animals, sweets and chocolates, plus:

Among the items that we can not send are:

Roses, Balloons, Breakfast, Liquors, Cakes, Pies


All our gifts are personalized and the prices subject to the demands of each client, the shipping price depends on your destination. Being $18 dollars the minimum rate.

Terms and conditions of these shipments
  • You must remenber the gift takes to be delivered between 3 to 4 business days after being ordered with us, that is, after having made the payment.The delivery is made by an external parcel company so we are not responsible for the state the shipment arrives, as the box will be manipulated like any other by the transport company.
  • The shipment is shipped by the carrier minimum 3 days before the ideal date of receipt however this does not guarantee that the product arrives on the right day, the gift could arrive days before or after the ideal date.
  • Our responsibility for the gift ends when we dispatch the transporter. Once dispatched, the information corresponding to your shipment will be sent to the client so you can track it and obtain information about the surprise gift.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to indicate the delivery address completely and correctly. To receive more information contact us.

Sender Details

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